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Benefits of HCG

Variations of Doctor A.T.W. Simeons original HCG Diet plan have been helping patients achieve their weight loss goals for over 60 years. Dieting and losing weight is never easy, often all the hard work and determination put into weight loss efforts results in little or no success. Weight loss resistance can be disheartening and discouraging, leaving the dieter feeling as if there is no hope of losing weight and changing their body image. Many people have found themselves in this situation at least one time in their lives, now more people are learning about how an HCG Diet plan customized for their body can help kick start their metabolism and get them the results they want.

Contact a qualified doctor offering personalized HCG Diet plans to patients in your area today to learn more about how a low-calorie diet and the Human Chorionic Gondadotropin Hormone (HCG) can help you shed unwanted body fat and start your path towards a healthier lifestyle today. HCG Diet plans can provide dramatic weight loss results in as little as 30 days, and should be undertaken only by the supervision and recommendation of a physician. Call today and find out more about the HCG Diet plan, the safe and natural way to stimulate your metabolism and burn stored body fat without a strenuous exercise routine.

It is common knowledge that maintaining a healthy body weight and diet can bring all sorts of benefits and prevent illness and disease. More energy, higher metabolism, stronger immune system, and greater self confidence are some of the many great benefits to losing weight and getting fit. Losing weight is not always easy, and large fat stores in the body or physical limitations may be hindering the weight loss process. This is where many of the benefits of a customized HCG Diet plan can help a patient overcome these hindrances and get the weight loss results they need.

HCG is a hormone that helps the body to regulate metabolic processes. When introduced into the body in conjunction with a low-calorie diet as part of a medically supervised HCG Diet plan, HCG can stimulate the metabolism to burn fat stores for energy to make up for the low caloric intake as part of an HCG Diet plan which can be limited to as few as 500 calories per day. Even while taking in so few calories per day, patients participating in an HCG Diet plan feel little or none of the adverse side effects of hunger or fatigue as their bodies are metabolizing fat to provide the energy needed to function normally.

Dieting with an HCG Diet plan administered by one of the HCG Doctors Directory many qualified physicians can bring many benefits not experienced with other diet plans including:


  • Full energy levels 
  • No hunger pains or fatigue 
  • Stable and safe blood sugar levels 
  • Weight loss targeted at stored fat in tough areas 
  • Preserved muscle integrity 
  • Improved metabolic function 
  • Boosted testosterone in men 
  • Controlled estrogen levels in women 
  • Healthier eating habits 
  • Stunning weight loss as much as one pound per day


Find a doctor that is right for you on the HCG Doctors Directory, the premier list of medical professionals offering medically supervised weight loss with personalized HCG Diet plans for men and women in your area. Call today to learn more about how you can lose as much as one pound per day, and keep it off, with an HCG Diet plan that matches your body’s specific needs. Take charge of your wellness and get started on a path towards a thinner you!


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