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A qualified California HCG Doctor will provide you with the information you need to find out if HCG Weight Loss injections are right for you and your needs.

It is vital that you follow a California HCG doctors instructions provided with any HCG diet or HCG weight loss program. The HCG hormone can be absorbed by injection through the fatty tissue areas of the body.

Other than prescription HCG injections, the source of all other forms of HCG cannot be trusted and should be avoided.

Our directory of California HCG Diet Doctors believes the doctor-patient relationship is vital to a persons’ overall wellbeing.

Please scroll through the list below to view our California HCG Diet Doctors in Bay Area, Los Angeles, Orange CountyRiverside County, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Ventura County and many of the surrounding areas.

Los Angeles Area HCG Diet Doctors


Joseph Sciabbarrasi, M.D. - 2001 S. Barrington Avenue, Suite 208, Los Angeles, California 90025

Joseph Sciabbarrasi, M.D. in Los Angeles California is a practitioner of holistic and integrative medicine with over twenty five years of experience. Dr. Sciabbarrasi integrative and holistic Los Angeles California practice combines both conventional and alternative approaches to optimal health with the HCG Diet program. If you have tried the various diets and weight loss programs, and are dissatisfied with the outcomes, then an HCG diet may be the right option for you. The HCG weight loss diet has its advantages in areas where other weight loss diets and programs appear to be seriously lacking. Dr. Sciabbarrasi's exceptional training and practice allows him to be comfortable in designing an HCG program specifically to help heal you. The simplicity of using HCG for weight loss lies in the ease with which one can lose the amount of weight one wants to and then leave the diet when it pleases them. Joe Sciabbarrasi, M.D. will perform tests in his Los Angeles California practice, to determine if the HCG injection protocol is the proper weight loss solution for you. The HCG Diet has become a leader in the weight loss industry and has helped millions of people achieve their weight loss and health goals. Read More...

Please call the offices of Dr. Joseph Sciabbarrasi 800-775-5201 Ext. 207


Anju Mathur, M.D. - 12840 Riverside Dr., Suite 402, Studio City, California 91607

Studio City and Los Angeles California HCG Doctor, Dr. Anju Mathur, specializes in Anti-Aging Medicine and HCG Weight Loss, and she has helped numerous men and women prevent the effects of aging and weight gain in order to lead healthier, happier lives. In Studio City California Dr. Mather has used nutritional therapies, and the HCG Diet to help her patients battle the effects of aging and meet their weight loss goals. When Dr. Mathur encounters Studio City California patients that are having difficulties losing weight, she consults with them to see if they are candidates for the HCG Diet. Countless men and women have been able to lose weight and keep it off after doing the HCG diet. Once it is determined that the patient will begin the HCG Diet, she gives them guidance and one-on-one support for the duration they are on the diet. Because of the possible complications that can arise with using the HCG Diet, Dr. Mathur supervises her Studio City California patients’ progress and makes necessary adjustments when they are needed, and when the diet is finished, she advises patients how to keep the weight off. Read More...

Please call Angel Longevity Medical Center at 800-775-5201 Ext. 223


Kenneth Kafka, M.D. - 955 Carrillo Drive, Suite 210, Los Angeles, California 90048

Dr. Kenneth Kafka's Los Angeles California medical practice has evolved over many years, combining a wide variety of natural healing approaches with Dr. Kafka's traditional medical training. If you have tried the various diets and weight loss programs, and are dissatisfied with the outcomes, then an HCG diet may be the right option for you. Dr. Kafka's Los Angeles California HCG weight loss diet has its advantages in areas where other weight loss diets and programs appear to be seriously lacking. It attacks the causes of obesity such as low metabolism, intense physiological hunger and binge, or emotional eating. At the insistence of several of Dr. Kafka's Los Angeles HCG Diet patients who had been struggling with obesity most of their lives, he reluctantly agreed to give it a try as long as he could supervise them very closely. Dr. Kafka started a weekly support group in Los Angeles, to monitor their progress and as the saying goes, he hasn’t looked back. This program is extraordinary in every way and Dr. Kafka has been using it successfully in his practice ever since. Read More...

Please call the offices of Dr. Kennth Kafka at 800-775-5201 Ext. 213


Gail Jackson, M.D. - 2211 Corinth Avenue, Suite 210, Los Angeles, California 90064

Doctor Gail Jackson works directly with each of her patients to identify their unique needs and develop a comprehensive treatment program. Gail Jackson, M.D. has been practicing medicine for over 30 years and has treated hundreds of patients with her HCG diet plans in her years of practice. As an experience Santa Monica, CA HCG diet physician, she provides medically supervised HCG diet treatments based on your individual weight loss needs. Doctor Jackson’s entire staff is also knowledgeable about the HCG diet and can answer your questions at any time. Remaining under Doctor Jackson’s care, in Santa Monica California for the duration of your diet plan using the HCG hormone gives her the opportunity to adjust your dosage if necessary and change the plan if you don’t see the results you want. Doctor Gail Jackson is an HCG diet doctor and women’s health specialist who has been helping Santa Monica, California area residents lose weight and get back in shape for over ten years using the revolutionary HCG diet. Doctor Jackson understands that each patient is unique. Read More...

Please call the office of Gail Jackson, M.D. at 800-775-5201 Ext. 285

Orange County Area HCG Diet Doctors


Richard Mantell, M.D. - 31888 Del Obispo St., Suite C-2, San Juan Capistrano, California 92629

Richard Mantell, M.D. at RCMC Weight Loss OC is an Orange County HCG Diet Doctor that has been helping Orange County area residents lose weight and get back in shape for over thirty-five years. He believes in combining food choice, portion control, behavior modification, and physical activity with proven FDA approved medications to suppress your appetite, give you energy, and burn fat. Successfully treating over 5,000 men and women with his customized HCG Diet weight loss protocols, Doctor Mantell understands that each patient is unique. Richard Mantell, M.D. offers a variety of weight loss programs to fit your life style and insure your success. Whether you are looking for fast weight loss or less restrictive steady weight loss, Doctor Mantell has a plan for you! Read More...

Please call RCMC Weight Loss OC at 800-775-5201 Ext. 293


Yasser Salem, M.D. - 8101 Newman Ave., Suite C, Huntington Beach, California 92647

Huntington Beach California HCG Diet Doctor, Yasser Salem, M.D. at Luxor Medical Spa has many years of experience working in medicine, and his advanced knowledge has helped vast numbers of patients to achieve their weight loss goals. Yasser Salem, M.D. is a Board Certified General Surgeon with over 10 years of experience with general and vascular surgeries, and at Luxor Medical Spa, he provides patients with the latest and most advanced services to help them look and feel more youthful. Offering customized HCG Diet plans, his goal is to help patients achieve beautiful results, while making them feel like part of the family. Emphasizing comfort, cleanliness, and safety, countless patients have been able to safely and effectively lose weight and overcome the challenges related to obesity. Read More...

Call the office of Luxor Medical Spa, Inc. at 800-775-5201 Ext. 280

San Francisco Bay Area HCG Diet Doctors


Kristy Vermeulen, N.D. - 3322 Steiner Street, San Francisco, California 94123

Dr. Kristy Vermeulen is an internationally recognized naturopathic doctor with an expertise in hormonal balancing in San Francisco California. Being overweight is a major health problem that goes way beyond just wanting to look good. The HCG Diet has become a leader in the weight loss industry, helping millions of people achieve their weight loss goals. Dr. Kristy is dedicated to helping you prevent many of chronic illnesses associated with hormonal imbalances and aging. It is Dr. Vermeulen's goal in San Francisco California to create a personal long-term anti aging program tailored to your specific needs. As a Naturopathic, Dr. Kristy treats each client as an individual and tailors the treatment to his or her particular needs. She works to provide her patients with the best integrative medical while keeping in harmony with naturopathic philosophy. Dr. Kristy is trained in the most advanced naturopathic clinical therapies such as clinical nutrition and HCG weight loss. Our San Francisco California HCG Diet program is for anyone who wants to achieve optimal health, prevent disease and develop a personal plan for wellness. Read More...

Please call the offices of Dr. Kristy Vermeulen at 800-775-5201 Ext. 222


Allen Fujimoto, M.D. - 16177 Hesperian Blvd, #C, San Lorenzo, California 94580

Dr. Allen Fujimoto is interested in helping his San Lorenzo California patients lose weight with the HCG Diet plan. As an East Bay HCG doctor in San Lorenzo California, his interest in weight loss started in an attempt to help his patients resume their pre-pregnancy weight, and his patients have had extremely good results when they follow the strict protocol and study the information, which Dr. Fujimoto gives to each patient. For patients that have tried the various diets and weight loss programs, and are dissatisfied with the outcomes, then the HCG diet may be the right option for you. The consultation is only done by Dr. Fujimoto and all the information is discussed personally to ensure a good understanding of the program. The impact is visible on the first day itself, and the positive effects HCG diets will have on your body, and your life, will be immediate and apparent. Dr. Fujimoto's HCG Diet patients, in San Lorenzo California, have had extremely good results when they follow the strict protocol and study the information that is given to them. Read More...

Please call the offices of Allen Fujimoto, M.D. at 800-775-5201 Ext. 270

San Jose Area HCG Diet Doctors


Rani V. Ramachandran, M.D., M.P.H. - 105 N. Bascom Ave., Suite 203A, San Jose, California 95128

San Jose HCG Diet Doctor, Rani V. Ramachandran, M.D. has close to 20 years of practicing medicine, and she has helped countless patients to lose weight with the HCG Diet. Her specialized programs include physician oversight, experienced medical office support, meal planning, weekly visits, and food journal monitoring. Doctor Ramachandran works with patients to develop an HCG diet plan that is designed to help patients achieve optimal results. Rani V. Ramachandran, M.D.’s goal is to help people achieve their weight loss goals with confidence and the support of experienced medical professionals. Vast numbers of patients have been able to achieve their weight loss goals with Doctor Ramachandran’s specialized HCG Diet plans. Read More...

Please call Rani V. Ramachandran, M.D., M.P.H. at 800-775-5201 Ext. 246

San Diego Area HCG Diet Doctors


Melinda Silva, M.D. - 890 Eastlake Parkway, Suite 305, Chula Vista, California 91914

Chula Vista California HCG Doctor, Melinda Silva, M.D. has been working with her clients for a number of years to treat obesity and specializes in customizing weight loss programs for both women and men alike. The HCG Diet can effectively treat women and men who suffer from obesity by helping them lose weight in a way that is not only quick, but relatively painless as well. The HCG Diet is a maintenance of a healthy diet, combined with prescribed daily amounts of the HCG Hormone by your Chula Vista California HCG Doctor, Melinda Silva. When it comes to medical attention, Dr. Silva strives for perfection with a focus on preventative as well as holistic health care. Don’t let weight hinder your health, lose weight on the HCG Diet and ensure that you age in health and happiness. Not only can Dr. Silva,  your Chula Vista California HCG specialist, treat women with the HCG Diet, but she can also customize a treatment plan that greatly benefits men too! Because the HCG Diet works so well in regulating hormones within the body, it can help to raise testosterone levels by suppressing excess estrogen that is produced by the excess fat in obese patients. Read More...

Please call the offices of Dr. Melinda Silva at 800-775-5201 Ext. 226


Sarah Ghayouri, M.D. - 850 Prospect Street, Suite 2, La Jolla, California 92037

Sarah Ghayouri, M.D. at Sarapy Clinic is a La Jolla HCG Diet Doctor has successfully treated over 1000 men and women with customized HCG Diet plans. With over 20 years of experience in the medical field, Doctor Ghayouri’s HCG Diet plans are based on each patient’s personal history, medical issues, and daily caloric preferences. With a passion to help patients lose weight and stay healthy, she provides high quality care by incorporating the latest advances in medicine into her treatment plans. Offering comprehensive HCG Diet programs and continued support, Doctor Ghayouri’s patients have achieved incredible success with the HCG Diet. Countless people have been able to reach their weight loss goals and lose dramatic amounts of weight with Doctor Ghayouri’s guidance and expert plans. Read More...

Please call the office of Sarapy Clinic at 800-775-5201 Ext. 262

Ventura County Area HCG Diet Doctors


Kenneth Kafka, M.D. - 204A Pirie Road, Ojai, California 93023

Ojai and Ventura California HCG Doctor, Kenneth Kafka, M.D. combines a wide variety of healing disciplines depending on your medical needs. Over the last five years in Ojai California, Dr. Kafka have investigated weight loss issues as the obesity epidemic has grown so quickly. Dr. Kafka is very excited about the Weight Reduction Program he formulated utilizing the Simeon’s approach using HCG, with the addition of a mind-body component. Your body structure will reshape itself during the few weeks on the program. Most people who have tried the Ojai California HCG diet are amazed at how rapidly the pounds come off. It is remarkably efficient. The impact is visible right away, and the positive effects the HCG diet has on your body and your mood will be immediately apparent. Part of what Dr. Kafka loves about his Ojai California program is that it positions one to maintain the weight loss after the program ends. To optimize the chance of complete success, be psychologically prepared to lose weight because you will. A little self-reflection beforehand can be very rewarding. Read More...

Please call the offices of Dr. Kenneth Kafka at 800-775-5201 Ext. 224

Legal Notice and Disclaimer: The United States Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) has not approved Human Chorionic Gonaditropin (“HCG”) for use in weight loss treatment. The use of HCG for weight loss is an “off label” use, which means that it is considered safe when prescribed by and under the guidance of a licensed physician.

HCG is FDA-approved to treat health conditions other than weight loss, and has been in existence to do so for over 45 years. Because an individual’s weight loss depends on a number of factors, www.HCGDoctorsDirectory.com DOES NOT guarantee any specific weight loss result.


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