Qualified Colorado HCG Doctors will provide you with all of the information you need to find a Colorado HCG Diet and HCG Weight Loss Injections Specialist that is right for you and your weight loss goals.

It is vital that you follow instructions provided by Colorado HCG Doctors in order to succeed with the HCG Diet and HCG Weight Loss Programs.

Prescription HCG from a Colorado HCG Doctor is the only form of HCG that should be trusted, NO other forms of HCG are effective and MUST be avoided.

Our directory of Colorado HCG Doctors believes the doctor-patient relationship is vital to a persons’ weight loss success and overall wellbeing.

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Shauna Wright, D.O. - 300 South Jackson Street, Denver, Colorado 80209

Denver Colorado HCG Doctor, Shauna Wright, D.O., has been a physician for 23 years and received her Board Certification in Family Practice, and now, as a Denver Colorado HCG Doctor, she specializes in weight loss with the HCG Diet. The HCG Diet has become a leader in the weight loss industry and has helped millions of people achieve their weight loss and health goals. As a Denver Colorado HCG Doctor, Dr. Wright uses the HCG hormone, which naturally suppresses appetite and helps the body burn fat to help patients reset appetite-control functions in the brain for permanent weight loss. The HCG diet is the ONLY diet that has a dramatically lower rate of rebound weight gain after successful completion. HCG injections for weight loss should only be taken after consulting a physician, and a Denver Colorado HCG Doctor at BioHarmony Medical can perform tests to determine if the HCG injection protocol is the proper weight loss solution for you. Read more...

Please cal the offices of BioHarmony Medical at 800-775-5201 Ext. 206


Margo Toms, N.P. - 55 Madison St., Denver, Colorado 80206

Denver Colorado HCG Specialist, Margo Toms, has ample experience with medical weight loss, and she has helped patients in Denver Colorado for years to lose weight on HCG and a very low calorie diet. The HCG hormone tells the body to burn fat for energy and nutrition in the event of a nutrient deficiency. After finishing the HCG Diet, most Denver Colorado patients are able to maintain their weight loss, provided they continue to eat a healthy diet and get regular amounts of exercise. In Margo Toms experience with the Denver Colorado HCG Diet, it is important to reintroduce a regular, healthy, and balanced diet after finishing the diet, and she focuses on helping patients to stabilize their weight, once it has come off to maintain the weight loss. After Margo Toms, NP received her Nurse Practitioner degree and license, she has worked in many areas supporting healthy living and focusing on Endocrinology and hormone related health concerns. Margo evaluates each Denver Colorado patient for not only eating habits and activity, but also consider potential underlying hormone related issues that may be contributing to weight gain. Margo has had great success in helping patients to lose weight. Read More...

Please call Margo Toms, N.P. at 800-775-5201 Ext. 238


Lori Moore, FNP - 7180 East Orchard Road, Suite 307, Centennial, Colorado 80111

Lori Moore is an HCG Centennial and Denver Colorado specialist that will work with patients to come up with a plan to help them permanently lose weight. The HCG Diet has been around for over 60 years helping obese people to shed unwanted pounds, and this protocol has had dramatic success with Medical Weight Loss over the last several decades. The HCG Diet allows men and women to to eat away at fat stores, while following a low-calorie diet. Once the weight is off, Lori Moore is there for her Centennial and Denver Colorado patient with a solid maintenance program and all the support they need to keep the weight off. Lori Moore, a HCG Centennial and Denver Colorado specialist can use the HCG Diet to help patients learn healthier eating habits, shed significant amounts of weight, and quickly reach their weight loss goals. Read More...

Please call Biotwin Medical Weight Loss Clinic at 800-775-5201 Ext. 274


Rebecca De La Torre, M.D. - 2032 Lowe Street, Suite 103, Fort Collins, Colorado 80525

Fort Collins HCG Diet Doctor, Rebecca de la Torre, M.D. of Allura Skin, Laser & Wellness Clinic has over 27 years of experience treating patients, and she has successfully changed the lives of over one thousand men and women with the HCG Diet. Board-certified in family medicine, Rebecca de la Torre now devotes a large portion of her practice to weight loss with the HCG Diet. The HCG Diet uses the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin to break down locked away fat stores and promote weight loss. Her customized weight loss plans have helped countless men and women to overcome their weight loss challenges and achieve their weight loss goals. Read More...

Please call the offices of Allura Skin, Laser & Wellness Clinic at 800-775-5201 Ext. 267

Legal Notice and Disclaimer: The United States Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) has not approved Human Chorionic Gonaditropin (“HCG”) for use in weight loss treatment. The use of HCG for weight loss is an “off label” use, which means that it is considered safe when prescribed by and under the guidance of a licensed physician.

HCG is FDA-approved to treat health conditions other than weight loss, and has been in existence to do so for over 45 years. Because an individual’s weight loss depends on a number of factors, www.HCGDoctorsDirectory.com DOES NOT guarantee any specific weight loss result.

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