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What is the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone?

HCG is a hormone naturally produced in a woman’s body during pregnancy designed to preserve fetal health and development even through times of famine or malnourishment of the mother. It was first studied as a treatment for obesity and medical weight loss by Doctor A.T.W. Simons in the 1950’s. Simeons established a connection between the HCG hormone and the metabolizing of bodily fat stores while observing very low daily caloric intake. He developed a low-calorie diet plan supplemented with HCG hormones to burn body fat while preserving muscle mass, producing dramatic but safe and healthy weight loss results.

How much weight can I lose on the HCG diet?

Each patient that takes advantage of a personalized HCG Diet plan offered by the knowledgeable physicians featured on the HCG Doctors Director will experience different weight loss results, as every patient is unique in their body chemistry and resolve. Many experience weight loss of as much as 30 pounds after just one course of an HCG Diet plan designed specifically for them, losing as much as 1 pound per day.

Will the weight I lose with the HCG Diet stay off?

With a customized HCG Diet plan safely administered and supervised by the HCG experts of HCG Doctors Directory, patients are able to burn fat, not just lose weight, while preserving muscle integrity and learning healthier eating habits. Those who have experienced success in achieving their weight loss goals with the HCG Diet plan and maintain an active lifestyle are able to keep the weight off, even after returning to a more normal daily caloric intake. Patients who return to eating foods heavy in fat and sugars, and resume a sedentary lifestyle, may not have such success in keeping the weight off.

Is the HCG Diet safe?

Consuming an extremely low-calorie diet similar to the one recommended in an HCG Diet plan, without supplementing the body with the HCG hormone, can cause a protein deficiency putting the body into starvation mode and causing fat to be stored instead of burned. Extreme hunger can also cause undesirable side effects such as mood swings, irritability, confusion, fatigue, and depression. Supplementing a low-calorie diet with HCG hormones allows the body to convert stored fat into the additional energy needed, preventing protein deficiency and the ill-effects of hunger while preserving muscle integrity and energy levels.

Why is there so much controversy around HCG?

Despite the countless patients who have achieved dramatic weight loss goals in a safe and healthy environment through a customized HCG Diet plan, there is still a fair amount of apprehension around the safety and effectiveness of an HCG supplemented diet. Much of this controversy is the result of profiteers marketing and distributing unregulated and ineffective HCG remedies over the counter and online. This prompted a crackdown by the FDA, outlawing the sale and distribution of over the counter HGC products in an attempt to regulate the industry and prevent fake and unsafe products from reaching consumers. Now only licensed medical professionals may prescribe or distribute HCG hormone products in a controlled and supervised environment, providing patients a safe way to reap the benefits of medical weight loss with an HCG Diet plan without the fear of consuming unsafe or ineffective HCG products.

Why can’t I just buy my HCG online and do the diet on my own?

Online and other over the counter (OTC) retailers have been banned from selling and distributing products containing HCG hormones by the FDA as a result of the growing number counterfeit products that have surfaced over the years. Using an HCG product from an unauthorized source may be ineffective, unsafe, and hazardous to your health. The only way to safely achieve your weight loss goals using HCG and an HCG diet plan is to reach out to the HCG specialists found on the HCG Doctors Directory and enroll in a program supervised by an experienced doctor and tailored specifically for your body.

How is the HCG Diet different from other diets?

The HCG Diet differs from other low-calorie diets and medical weight loss procedures and products as it offers natural hormone supplementation to provide safe and effective weight loss results. HCG hormones keep your body sustained by metabolizing stored fat while observing a low-calorie diet, resulting in weight loss and improved energy and vitality. Other low-calorie diets can leave participants feeling hungry and depressed, and various other medical weight loss remedies use synthetic chemicals or intrusive procedures. Contact an HCG specialist featured here on the HCG Doctors Directory to learn more about how a medically supervised HCG Diet plan differs from diets that have failed you in the past.

How does HCG prevent me from losing muscle mass even while eating so few calories?

Many people frustrated with an inability to lose stubborn fat undertake extremely low calorie diets similar to that prescribed by an HCG Diet plan in an attempt to finally get the results they want. When not accompanied by daily HCG hormone supplements, a low-calorie diet such as this can cause serious protein deficiencies in the body, causing it to metabolize muscle mass to maintain performance. The HCG hormone allows your body to leave the muscles intact while targeting specifically fat stores to be burned as energy to balance the body’s daily needs while taking in so few calories.

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