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The HCG diet plan has been in use for over 60 years, helping women lose weight and reshape their bodies with a natural and non-intrusive medical weight loss plan that not only effects dramatic weight loss, but also promotes long-term health and wellness.

Doctor ATW Simeons developed the original HCG diet plan after researching how and why the hormone was produced and interacted in the bodies of women. His goal was not to find a miracle “skinny pill” or an easy way out, but rather to find a safe and healthy solution to curing and preventing obesity. Doctor Simeons’ focus was always on the overall health and wellbeing of his patients, and in this he was able to discover the secret fat-burning potential of the HCG hormone when used as part of a specially designed medical weight loss plan. After many years working with overweight and obese patients, and countless hours of study and research into medical treatments for obesity, Doctor Simeons finally had a safe and effective treatment plan he could stand behind.

Fast forward more than sixty years and thousands of medical professionals across the globe have helped thousands more patients achieve their weight loss goals and prevent weight-related medical conditions with the amazing results of the HCG diet. With an emphasis on total wellness and sustainable weight loss, HCG diet specialists can help you take advantage of an HCG diet medical weight loss plan. An HCG diet plan can not only help reset your metabolism, but also help you learn new and healthier eating habits and lifestyle choices.

Think of what you would do with more energy, a slimmer figure, and a rejuvenated metabolism; no longer dreading that long walk from the water to your towel at the beach, no more struggling to find just the right angle in your family photo. Friends and family will see a change not just in your physical appearance, but in your daily routine, energy levels, and overall outlook on life. Show your partner a confidence they have never seen with your new body and healthy lifestyle by taking advantage of a safe and effective medical weight loss plan using the HCG diet offered by one of the HCG Doctors Directory’s many experienced and qualified HCG specialists.

There are seemingly endless options for women to choose when looking for a diet promising to help them shed weight quick. Risky diet pills, all-juice cleanses and rigorous workout regimens are all common attributes of popular diet plans available to women today. Many have lost weight on diet plans similar to these, but even more have tried to lose weight and failed. Was the dieter the failure, or was it the diet that actually failed?

For most women, switching their diet to only juice or spending several hours a day working out are not realistic expectations. Extremely low-calorie diets can come with undesirable side effects related to hunger such as mood swings, confusion, trouble concentrating, headaches, lethargy, and a lack of energy. How is a dieter to be subjected to these symptoms and expected to perform at work and maintain responsibilities with their families? This is where an HCG diet plan designed by an experienced HCG doctor can offer benefits that no other diet plan can.

With the all-natural HCG hormone interacting with the metabolism, women are able to lose vast amounts of unwanted body fat without the side effects associated with other low-calorie diet plans. The HCG hormone stimulates the body into burning stored fat to provide the nutrients and sustenance needed to maintain normal body function and energy levels while observing a low-calorie diet designed by a medical professional uniquely for each patient.

Find an experienced HCG doctor today on the nation’s premier HCG diet doctor resource, the HCG Doctors Directory. Browse through profiles of HCG doctors and HCG clinics located near you to learn more about the amazing HCG diet plan and to find an HCG expert that can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Call one of the HCG Doctors Directory certified HCG experts to schedule a consultation today and start your journey towards a new you!


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